Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trailer camping is weird

Trailer camping is weird.  I love camping.  I would camp whenever and wherever, if my schedule allows…  I love to be outside and in nature.  I have always loved it.  I didn’t do much tent camping growing up.  My mother isn’t super outdoorsy and my dad is in a wheelchair so it would have been more difficult.  My grandparents had a RV that we stayed in a few times.  I loOoved sleeping in the bunk above the cab.  It was like a fort.  My brother and I would set up a tent in the backyard with an extension cord so we could watch movies on a tiny TV.  When it got dark we would come back in because it was too scary.  I didn’t go on my first camping trip till I was in high school.  I went with my high school sweetheart’s family.  His mother had totes filled with kitchen items.  She put a tablecloth on the picnic table of our site and added little glass jars with flowers his little brother picked her.  I was appalled by the flower picking.  I was a Campfire Girl, not a Girl Scout, and we were told never ever to pick anything.  I have since softened on this rule.  I loved the table she had set up.  I loved the woods in the background.  It was a fun trip but I wasn’t very prepared.  I was cold and didn’t have a mattress to sleep on.  I went maybe once a year till I turned 25 that’s when it really became an obsession.  Every year I went more and for longer periods of time.  My friend Rosie and I went for two and half weeks in the rain one year, we had a week off in the middle but it was still hardcore.  I went so often I would keep all my camping gear in my car at all times.  Then I just needed food and clothing.  Easy.  I worked weekends for those years and had my days off in the middle of the week.  This made it easy to find spots.  When I go camping I don’t like to be near people and I don’t like to pay.  I like to know other people are around, but I don’t want to see or hear them.  If I got in big trouble I like knowing I can run for help.  Our forests have a rule that you can only camp for twenty days at a time.  It is one of my life goals to live in the woods for 21 days, just for fun.  

Now that my friends are growing up everyone is getting a camper/trailer/rv.  My boyfriend even came with a trailer.  Pretty awesome right?  We recently took out his trailer for a few days.  His kid came along so they could keep working on the trailer.  This trailer is still a work in progress.  He bought it for $300 and it wasn’t in very good shape.  He has put it back together, the floors, walls, bed frame and benches.  It’s pretty sweet.  Still needs to be put together a bit and when it is done I will film a tour.  It wasn’t an easy trip.  It was filled with hard work and sweat.  IT was so hot.  I don’t like sweating.  I avoid it at all costs.  It is hot at home too.  I wasn’t all that helpful.  I am not all the good with tools.  I worked on my computer inside in front of fan.  I liked it.

Our trip was the weekend of the 4th.  We got to watch fireworks from up high.  I even had receptions so I could call my mother and she could tell me what colors were happening so I know I was watching with her.  That made it really fun.  We also made some friends on top of the hill.  The man gave us some good ideas for where we could camp with the trailer.  

Trailer camping was

  • Two popped tires
  • Two midnight visits from crack heads
  • Two angry generators
  • Two bags of ice
  • Flies, flies and flies
  • Tin foil dinners 
  • Hot showers
  • Cold nights
  • Big foot calls
  • Moon shadow dances
  • Braids
  • Melting ice cream
  • Our fearless black wolf


  1. The only camping I've really done is at festivals, but I'd like to go just camping for fun. Definitely sounds like you love camping, that's so cool. Will be awesome if you get to camp for three weeks at some point, I'm not sure I could do that!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. Yeah! You are right camping with the trailer is little weird. Every time i want to go into a narrower place i got stuck. In that case i use motorcycle trailer along with me.

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