Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Adventures: Blackberry Picking

One my dreams is to be self-sufficient.  I want to use what is around me more.  Homesteading is more than what you can do with your own land but to go out in the world and find things to use.  Himalayan blackberries are everywhere.  You know this.  The plan is to pick as much as we have patience for and make some kind of wine or cider from them.  It should be a tasty experiment.  

 Blackberry picking was 
  • Cuts
  • Three pairs of gloves
  • Two clippers
  • Hat and sunglasses not wore
  • Bugs
  • Sweet smells
  • One bone found by the dog
  • Blood
  • Boots wearing in
  • One hawk sighting
  • Quiet
  • Walks down memory lane and plans for the future
  • Pants would have been better than shorts. Are you new here? 
  • Stains
  • Purple for days
  • Shade is amazing. 100 degrees is not


  1. I love the smell of blackberries!!

  2. Mmmm Blackberries! I wish they grew here it's way too hot, but I get them from Sprouts and pretend they're fresh sometimes ;)