Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer Happiness Quest

I love summer.  Like crave it, gotta have it, love it long time.  I wait for it all year.  I want to be outside in the sun and water and trees and near a campfire.  I want long sunny days.  I want my days to busy having fun and nights slow with a cold cider in my hand.  I want to live memories before they are what I look back on.  I want to laugh loud and uncontrollably.  I want to see friends, hold babies, and be attacked with love from rambunctious dogs.  Today is tomorrow’s yesterday.  I feel like with how hot this summer has been I haven’t really enjoyed it.  That is about to change.  I want all the summer fun I can get!  Summer is a great adventure.  Summer is freedom.  A time to be outside and not trapped indoors away from the cold.  Here is a list of what I want to get done with what is left of summer. 

1       Get-Out-Of-Here Trips

Camping trips are ideal for me.  I get out of the city and into the woods.  I get the fresh air I crave.  It is even better if there is water to swim in.  Renews the soul.  Your soul renewing trip could be in a hotel.  I don’t judge!  I know not everyone likes to be outside.  I still think it is beneficial to get out of your routine.   A staycastion could even do the trick.  Stay in bed and watch Netflix if you are normally running around.  Do something out of the norm.  Something for you.

2      Trip to Water

I love rivers, lakes and the ocean.  I love water.  I love swimming.  This one is all about nature.  A creek will work or waterfall.  The more wild the better. 

3      Picnic

Eating outdoors.  Away from technology.  I will scarf down food in front of the tv.  I want to get outside and interact.  Play games maybe fly a kite.  For some reason picnics make me want to fly a kite…

4      Walk in nature

I used to take lots of walks in the amazing forests of my area.  I haven’t been in a while.  I like to name trees and birds.  I am better at naming birds.  I like the quiet.  I like the green.

5      Swim

Being in water is my favorite way to stay cool.  Maybe that is because I have only lived with air condition for a year.  Swimming is my happy place.  I really like floating.  Speaking of where is my inner tube…

6      Fave Summer Outfit

Most of what I have worn this summer is ugly shorts and tee shirts.  As little as possible just to be cool.  I used to put effort in to what I wore.  I need more sundresses.

7       Sky/Stars

I am space nerd.  I wave at the ISS, International Space Station.  The Perseid meteor shower is here and will peak the 12-13.  I want to drive out of town to watch it. 

8      Fave Plant or Flower

I have lots of favorite plants from the garden.  I want to really take notice of them.

9      Sunset/Sunrise

I want to enjoy both.  I will get up early for a sunrise and find a good spot to enjoy a sunset.  I will watch the whole show. 

10 Fave Summer Item

My favorite summer item is my tent.  All the way.  I haven’t used it once this summer… 

11   Beverage

 I love cool drinks and they are much needed in the heat.  I need to make sure I make some special ones.

12  Food

There are certain foods that are best in summer.  There is such an abundance of fruits and veg.  This one I have been doing a good job at but I am also very much in a rut. 

13  Sweet

I am not a super big sweets person but I should indulge in them more.

14  Detail of Summer

I want to find a small moment.  A detail.  Something unimportant that is also everything.  I don’t want to forget the little things.

15  Sound of Summer

I want to be more aware of the sounds of summer.  Ones that only happen when it is warm out.  That remind me of my childhood.

16  Smell of Summer

All seasons have smells special to them.  Summer is the same way.  I don’t want to miss out on them.

I even made a printable checklist.  I will be carrying mine around with me.  If you want to play along please comment and tell me where.  Instagram, Tumlr, Facebook, Blog anywhere!  Do one, do some, or do them all!  Either way I want to know!  I will be using #SummerHappinessQuest.  Get the checklist for yourself.

Even your broccoli will like the checklist!

I hope the rest of your summer is awesome!

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