Monday, September 14, 2015

10 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

10 ways to take better care of yourself

I went on a walk in the rain today.  I did so because I promised the dog yesterday we would go.  Today it rained.  I didn't want to go but I did because I have not been taking care of myself lately.  I have let all the drama of the day take over.  I have been focused on the hustle.  Get all the stuff done!  This is a good thing but I feel awful.  I deserve to feel awesome and get everything done too.  I am going to do better and take better care of myself.  Here is how.
I wrote out a list in my bullet journal.

1.  Move Everyday

I sit a lot.  I have read that sitting is the new smoking.  I quit smoking and I would like to quit sitting.  I am going to go on a walk every day.  I need to leave the house and yard.  I have plans to build a standing desk but it won't be until November.  I would like to stretch every day too.  I am awful at stretching.  

2.  Good Food

This is probably the most important one.  I have been eating crap.  I have been eating good stuff from the garden but there has been so much dairy and gluten too.  These things are not good for me.  I know this.  I know I feel better when I eat less of it.  My problem is I am not planning.  Which means I am planning to fail.  I need to make meal plans and stick to them.  I will feel better and I bet I will lose weight which will make me happier too.

3.  Water, drink it

I used to be really really really good at this one...  I am a little embarrassed it made the list.  I would drink a gallon in a day.  Now maybe a few glasses are all I get.  This is no good!  I am sure this a big reason why I feel awful.  Our bodies need water.  I am going to keep my water jar on my desk and force myself to drink 3 of them.  I think this will be the easiest area for me to fix.

4.  Bath

I am a bad sleeper.  A bath before bed is one of the best ways for me to get ready for sleep.  I have these great bath salts that melt away everything.  I have not done this in months.  With the cooler weather coming I am sure a warm bath will be welcomed unlike during the hot summer we have had.

5.  Be Grateful

This one I have been doing almost daily. There is so much to be grateful for.  Breathing is impressive.  This planet we call home is amazing.  The list of things we should be thankful for is endless.  I feel much better in life when my heart is grateful.  I will keep making lists and saying them out loud.  Bonus points for telling them to other people.

6.  Silence/Breathe

My mind is a very loud place.  There are always thoughts buzzing.  Worries, concerns, ideas, plans, ect.  Some are good but a break is good too.  Today I was quiet for all of 5 minutes.  I set a timer.  It was the longest 5 minutes.  The buzz of thoughts finally died down near the end.  I was focused on my breath.  In and out.  I felt much calmer after.

7.  Pep Talks

This one is similar to gratefulness but these are directed at me.  I am pretty harsh with myself.  I say things to myself that I would never let anyone say to a friend.  Why should I be a bully to myself?  I will think of ways I am awesome and tell myself so.  I think I can be harshest about my body.  I need to remember how awesome it is I get a body!  One that can do almost anything I ask of it.  This is a blessing.

8.  Connect

I have been a bad friend these days.  I try to reach out and see people but I also suck at it.  Part of the problem is I have lots going on and when I am not busy I don't want to leave my house.  It's an extrovert who is also an introvert thing.  I love my peeps but I need a minute.  I have been attempting to make plans to see people and I will continue.  I have been texting people but that only gets you so far.  My tribe is important and I need to see them.

9.  Clear Space

My room is a mess.  It is extra bad now since I purged so much for the garage sale and there have been so many trips to pack for.  I think better in a clean space.  It is also so much easier to find things when they are put away.  This makes for a much happier girl.  I will at least get my desk cleared off.  This will make writing so much easier.

10.  Laugh

Last but not least laugh.  I get down when I am busy and forget to recharge.  Laughing helps cheer me up.  I found this amazing app, Crazy Heliumbooth, and you can make the funniest videos!  It swirls your face and changes your voice.  Makes me laugh every time!  Side splitting laughter.  I also like videos of animals being cute or babies laughing.  Always makes me happy.

This is what I do to take care of myself.  What do you do?  


  1. So glad you posted this. It's really helpful because I need something more than the statement that I need to take better care of myself to actually do it. Sad that we have to task list it, but hey, if that is what it takes then I'm in. Love and miss you!
    xoxo -Katie

    1. PS...... Do share what bath salts you're so in love with.....

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  2. I'm happy that you've started with a list! Being mindful often starts by thinking aloud!! I've got several ways to meal plan and/or get fit and healthy too!! I hope I hear from ya!!

  3. These are some excellent ways to take care or YOU. Everything starts with you and if you're not taking care of you FIRST you are doing yourself and others a disservice xo

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